Our Philosophy

We don’t believe in the Golden Rule, we believe in the Platinum Rule: “Do unto others what they want done to them.”


Talk to GaryWe like to refer to visitors seeking our dental services as “guests” in our Dental Home instead of “patients”. It’s important for us to get to know our guests. Once we have a good understanding of your past dental experiences then we can work together to design the right dental solution.


Since we only schedule one guest at a time, you are guaranteed to see the dentist as scheduled. No more waiting for your appointment, because we never overbook.

Do you currently have a happy dental home? If not, make yourself at home, and bring your friends and family. We are now in our happy home in St. Matthews!



Born in the Bay Area, California

got involved in the radio tv business as a teenager

came to Louisville in1974 took a gig with great trails broadcasting as on air and production direction.

as production director I was responsible for writing and producing radio and tv commercials for our group in Louisville wklo  am/wcsn fm.

it was about the best job a young guy could have..

got to meet ups close and personal all kinds of rock stars, actors and entertainers

wklo /wcsn became KJ-100 am and fm

I have stories……

I never intended to stay in Louisville more than two years, my goal being to work in Chicago radio where it was the place to be..

But, the longer I stayed , I bought a 100 year old home rehabbed it and went back to school in my spare time.


I was accepted into university of Louisville dental school in 1981

that same year I resigned from great trails and traveled across the river to wqmf fm..

another great radio outlet, lots of rock stars  and great people to work with

one of the people I was able to interview twice was Ozzy Osborn ..for the most part a charming guy.

while I worked at wmf I also attended dental school full time. it was against the rules to have a mukluk time job but I needed the money, school was very expensive.

my days went something like this:

8 am …at dental school,

12-1 did my own lab work

1-5 saw patients at the school

5 pm ran like a maniac to the tarc bus station with all my books to catch a ride to ul belnap campus where I was on the part-time faculty staff in the humanities dept.

8:30..left ul got the bus to downtown Louisville, walked about half a mile to my home in the butchertown neighborhood.

had a quick meal, slept for an hour and a half

10:30 started walking the three miles over the river to Indiana and wmf

11:00 took care of any production  left for me

12:00 went on the air all night ..studied between music sets

6am left wmf walked 3 miles back home (in all kinds of weather) 

6:45..stood in the shower for 20-30 mins ate something 

7:30 left the house for dental schooling a mile away.

8 am…do it all over again

I did that routine Monday thru Friday…

did an late afternoon airshaft at wmf from 2-7 on Saturday afternoon…

after that I’m free for the weekend to study and sleep!


graduated and passed the boards in 1985 

took over a fantastic general practice at baptist hospital east in Louisville

it was June 3rd 1985

the first person I saw was a very nice elderly lady

I did a simple service, she thanked me, walked out to the front desk and told the ladies”I ain’t ever coming back”

that’s how I started my dental career 

working at Baptist and hanging out with all kinds of specialist I learned a lot about medicine. I stayed there for 10 years.

1995 I bought a building about a mile away in st Matthews 

during this time I was a member of several acadmys and teaching groups.

I got connected with a very fantastic dr in mid town manhattan New York city

our group traveled to several places a year to teach doctors who wanted to learn the reconstructive and cosmetic techniques we do in our own offices every day. 

I have spoken about  what I do in many major cities here as well as abroad.

looking back I feel like I have completed about 95% of all the goals I ever set out to do.

A few years ago I decided to leave the companies and acadmys due to the travel and quite frankly I could stand some of the politics.

In the meantime I built a beautiful home on the Caribbean island of Vieques and spent quite a bit of time getting away from it all.

I still live at my home in Louisville’s highlands right next to Cherokee park, an oldmsted designed public park designed by the same man that designed Central Park in New York

monday, Tuesday and Thursdays you will find me at the “toothy” corner of Nanz and Sherrin ave

in st Matthews

I’ve been at it a long time but I still enjoy what I do and watching someones eyes light up after we’ve completed their smile design and..changed their life.